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I just volunteered to take this old laptop off a friend of mine. Anyone have any ideas on parts to salvage? Or something to use the LCD for...??? It won't turn on, it has a battery, and no charger. Maybe some goodies inside to use for other projects???? If you have any great ideas, please let me know.


From an artistic standpoint, the tracery on Laptop circuit boards is usually very fine and kinda cool looking. take it apart, shave all the chips off and make something. If you disassemble the LCD, you should find some cool materials as well. I'm thinking the diffusion material. There is also a Cathode tube in there with a power supply you may be able to scavenge. The floppy and CD drives have some really nice little motors as well.

About the only thing to do with the LCD is sell it on ebay. Without special hardware, it would be very dificult to find an alternate use for it. Any optical and hard drive in the unit would be salvagable. The memory would work with a similar age laptop. The problem with memory, like processors, they get upgraded every year or less. Also, look for backup batteries! These are handy rechargable cells and are probably in good shape. Their only purpose, if present, was to allow swapping the regular battery without shutting down.