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Can anyone help me with an obsolete, old school circuit board adjustable bed remote control?
it worked til the last fall that cracked off red bulb.
I'll pay someone to fix. And to please  not make it worse as the remote 'experts' in Winston Salem did.
Hope all photos are showing here....the red bulb is now completely missing.


The circuit board is for the remote and I can't really see anything that would have been the connection for a bulb.
Then there is the thing that a bulb should not really affect the performance of the remote, it is only an indicator.
Check these websites, especially in regards to possible hardware upgrades - the remote for the old model won't work for the new type and the other way around is the same.



Could you provide some more information? namely the manufacturer and what the "red bulb" is.

Tried that a few times already but it seems he is very reluctant to give us this info or what the function of it is.

Downunder....surely you aren't an Aussie. If so, you are the one of very few rude ones. If I had a wealth of info, or if a company for the remotes still existed, I'd not be asking for CONSTRUCTIVE help. I'd of solved the problem at the beginning. All by myself.

And I am very much a 'she'.

The bed, as best I can see mechanical, and fhe inside of remote reads MAXWELL.

But the only similar remote I have seen was in the U.K .And there is a SLEEPEZEE brand. I have no idea about bulb, except remote nuts in Winston Salem broke it off along with white stem that had wires and supporfed red bulb.And called that REPAIRED &WORKING. It wasn't.

Maxwell is obsolete. The U.K. one may be totally different mechanically.

This isn't easy, it requires someone very well rehearsed in 20+year old circuit boards. Anc with test equipment. Else I'd have fixed it myself.

Is anyone familiar or know a company that is?