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You have been pranked!'




I was hoping you would be noble enough to post the actuall one.....

= (

What? They aren't "hooters"? Except for the screech owl, I thought they all "hooted" ;-)

Ah, that's my favorite one!

Give a hoot, don't pollute ;-)

Haha! What led you to click to here?

Well, I was hoping you had the Hooters calendar referenced that I have posted, and so I came to see. Since you didn't, I thought I would post it ;-) I have been printing of that hooters calendar for quite a few years now :-)

I thought you would embed the RickRoll.

jerk, but lol thats kind of funny

What'd'd you do??


It seems K'man has once more managed to push the boundaries of what you can put in a title too far...

Oh, no! And I entered in a contest as well - I don't know what I am going to do...

No, really, I don't - how will I get views or votes if I can't fix this?

Do you need it to be as small as possible a title? If so, try a full stop.

I've edited it, but the version on the recent page won't change. I've tried unpublishing it, but I have to be able to open it to remove it from the contest before I can unpublish it, and I can't do that either.


Ah, well, there's always the random winner...

I can't fix it, so I've [https://www.instructables.com/id/Apri..../ re-done it.]

Try changing the title to some text and opening it, because your two dots title now conflicts even worse with the website (in the same way as the infamous forum topic :P). Then you can remove it from the contest, unpublish, give it a title and try again :-)

Made you look! You rather fond of your pocketful of knots aren't you?

Hehe - I was just curious as to why RocketScientists would be looking at hooters bikini girls and posting them in ALL CAPS on Instructables.... =P

Happy April Fools Day!

'cuz Hooters bikini girls ROCK, most aren't the anorexic skanks you see nowa days...