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OMG!!! school is out for a week because of the hurricane!!!!!!!! what should i do with all this free time? Answered

so... hurricane ike passed and i'm done cleaning up (afer 7 hours work) and now i find out i have a week without school!!!! what should i do with all this free time?


you live in LA too?

was that a joke or something?

That was no where hear cali...

aaaahhhhh, ok.

That would be a no...

HINT HINT check the image notes

You should find or buy a cheap toy and try to make a prosthetic arm out of it! Then join my community, Mod Squad www.instructables.com/group/modsquad/ I'm trying to find people to make arms out of toys and we will give the arms to child amputees in developing nations. So this way you can have fun making stuff with your time off and help a child!

OOHHHH!!! I could make one out of PVC pipe easy! But uhh... does it have to move by itself?

Ike hit us in the NE around north kentucky... 8 acres..... 10 trees down..... not even done with 2 acres after 17 hours'

B I U L D S T U F F ! ! ! !

right right right... i'm making a coil gun and a pneumatic aisoft gun!!!

Dig a shelter for the next one?


Good digging weather! Think about it - three hurricanes in as many weeks, how many weeks of the hurricane season left...?

Y'know, that actually isn't a bad idea, come to think of it, he could do a real nice job in a week, even with just a shovel, and then line it with cinderblock and put in an entrance above ground and a roof, and you've actually got a pretty good tornado/wind/all around storm shelter...I'd try that if we didn't have a basement...

yeah... but usually only one hurricane a year goes anywhere near houston... and where would i put it? lol, it sounds fun though.

Well, this is a good opportunity to prepare for the next time. For there will be a next time...

it's really not worth it... when it gets bad, we evacuate... thanks for the concern though!

I'm glad you evacuate. But sometimes other things, like tornados, come suddenly and without warning. It happened to my grandparents and uncles-they had no storm shelter, and had to go inside their mobile home when a twister sprang up. I sure wish they had had a shelter... :'( Seriously, get a shelter. They have tornados in Texas, sometimes.

there was a tornado in utah one time!
when stuff happens, stuff happens, sometimes you don't see it coming and... stuff happens.
sometimes making/buying/keeping a shelter really doesn't seem worth it.
we evacuate(if we have to) and put the furniture inside.... nothing else.

If the ground saturates, those holes are referred to as "wells" but if you can float, it might not be so bad :-) Put me on a mountain top if flooding is the course of the day.

oh crap...
*looks for weather machine 'ible* whammo!
on the bright side, there's no school for a while...

I have 2 new videos.
One is about the first compound parabolic solar cooker I made and one is about doing VERY cheap optics experiments. If you combine the knowelege from the 2 or them, then check out http://www.fossilfreedom.com/increase-output.html
you can design a supa dupa solar cooker for use after the next big disaster in your area for cooking food and pasturising water and perhaps for outdoor showers too.

i'll see what i can do! and if you don't mind, i'll try to make it into a fire-starter too!

It is designed to not be a fire starter. The light is supposed to stay on a relatively large area (the cooking pot) rather than a tiny point. So probably you will not be able to start fires! Just use a magnifing glass or sheet magnifier to start fires. The sheet magnifiers are quick to start fires but you cannot use them to cook food!

Glad to see you survived!

sleep and feel lucky you don't have to go to school for a week unlike me =S.

Learn to use the shift key and break of the exclaimation mark from your keyboard? :-P

lol, you haven't seen anything. i've seen titles mostly made up of exclaimations marks.