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OOpic Compiler needed Answered

I found my old oopic from savage industries, but the computer that had the compiler on it is long since history. I have looked on the Internet, but been unable to find a compiler for this board. Does anyone have one or know where I can find one?


Hello, I have the OOPIC Compiler...I have a library of info and all the software the was ever released for the OOPIC. I still use these micro's for my robot projects. If you still need it send me an email.. info@wickedrobotics.ca

Search for "oopic compliler" yields several sources. Maybe also add in the model of your board if you need something specific or there is a generic compiler for all.

Many of the sources I found claimed that they had the compiler, but the links were dead. I spent hours searching various sites that claimed to have the compiler and none did.

I tried the file and it is the same as another I found. It doesn't work. I keep getting an error message after loading it. Thanks for your help.

For example I have been to the sourceforge and botshop sites. Both claim to have the compiler, but there is nothing on the other side of their links.