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OPINION: White macbook upgraded ram or Uni-body Macbook. Answered

I am almost 15....i have 700$ and am saving for a Macbook. I am torn between the 999$ White and the 1299$ Aluminum... The specs are almost identical now that apple has upgraded the white ones and i am pushing toward the white. What upgrades do you recommend if i got the white macbook?

Here are the specs: White(http://www.apple.com/macbook/white/features.html)

please help and be nice



Best Answer 9 years ago

it depends what you want to do with it. if you want to do gaming or anything graphics intensive then you should definitely get the aluminum one because it has a much better graphics card. one big problem with the aluminum one is that it doesn't have a firewire plug whereas the white one does. this matters because if you have a dv (tape) type of video camera then you won't be able to use it with the aluminum one. this is because these type of cameras require the super fast transfer speeds of firewire. also if you want to use an external hard drive with it at high transfer speeds you need firewire. you can still use an external hard drive without firewire but it won't be very fast when copying files and stuff. there's also the trackpad that is different but thats just a little feature that I'm sure you won't miss. so I think those are the 2 big deciding factors: the different graphics card and the firewire. the problem is that you can't have both (unless you get a macbook pro). the graphics card in the white one (and the aluminum one) cannot be replaced!!!! The card is built in to the motherboard. If you do gaming at all you will definitely want the aluminum one because the graphics card in the white one is absolutely terrible. The graphics card in the white one is really not meant for anything more than light video editing. As far as I know you cannot put firewire into a mac that doesn't have it already. The thing you would need for that is a pc card slot which the macbook pro has but thats another story. If you don't have a dv camera then you probably won't miss it. You do not need firewire for a flash based or hard drive video camera!!! The reason why Apple got rid of the firewire is because they think that dv is going away which was a terrible choice on their part. The reason they left it in the cheaper one is because they had to get rid of their stock of the white ones. think of it as a sale on old stuff.
in the end i think that the white one is better (which is what i am typing on right now) UNLESS you do gaming in which case you NEED the aluminum one. sorry to ramble on about it but i thought someone ought to know. :D have fun with your new computer!

oh and some upgrades you might want for the white one is a bigger hard drive because it only comes in one size which is pretty small. as i mentioned, you cannot upgrade the graphics card!!!!! (dumb apple). Thats pretty much the only upgrade that can be done that is useful. It already has PLENTY of RAM so don't bother upgrading that unless you can tell that you would want it.

Good job choosing Apple!!! They're the best!!!

actually if you look apple just recently upgraded the white macbooks "innards". it too has the new nvidia chipset and the specs are identical except for 40gb on the HDD and ddr2 instead of ddr3 ram.

I would definitely go with the white one then. I hadn't looked at the specs in a while. You could just upgrade the hard drive to like 200gb or something and it would still be cheaper.

yeah thats probably what im going to do

 we have just purchased one of each recently, and really they perform superbly and we notice no difference between the white unibody and the macbook pro 13 inch.  The Pro has 4GB ram as opposed to 2GB in the white macbook unibody yet their performance is the same, except during video editing we note the pro is a bit faster, but both stream video and flash perfectly.

The white Macbook unibody is missing a SD card slot and illuminated keyboard otherwise the same.... in fact we like the white macbook unibody's bottom better, it's non skid rubbery like surface is superior to the others.

I am a veteran and they gave us a discount on the white macbook unibody, $100 off for active duty, veterans and students... so check that out they said the discount was more for the pro but I didn't ask them to specify.

The APPLE CARE is a worthwhile investment, I've noticed used unibodies macbook or macbook pros resale is great..

One last thing, I hear from younger people (gamers) that maxing out the ram is better for their usage. FYI

if you are considering the 13" unibody macbook, then i would get the white one. they are now identical internally accept for one thing, the white macbooks still have a Firewire 400 port where the 13" unibody has none. the firewire port is great for older peripherals and mini-dv cams... how would you get your videos on a unibody 13" without a firewire port? plus accessories available for the white ones are generally cheaper as they have been around for awhile.

Another thing that does not have to do with the innards of the machine- I have a white one, and it is no longer white. More of a beige-ish off grey color. Granted, I'm pretty rough of my machine, and it has taken every bit of it so well, but the aesthetics are a little gone. Also, where the lids close on the white ones, there are two plastic protrusions that stop the lid from laying directly on the keypad. On almost all of the plastic cased MacBooks I know of, this little protrusion has causes a crack of chip in the case. Again, it does not ruin the computer, but it does dishearten me a little to see my computer chipped. This problem has been fixed with the aluminum cased one- there are rubber stopped and a more durable case instead of plastic on plastic.

In my book (And I'd like to note that this is only my book), either way, you win, because both choices are Macs.

I've had mine since the summer and that hasn't happened to me yet. I didn't know that that can happen. Good to know.

thank you this is very helpful and maybe i will get some kind of ruber material to cap the protrusions

Good idea! At Home Depot, they sell a few products you might use. One is "liquid tape", which it exactly what it sounds like- liquid electrical tape. Another is liquid rubber, or tool dip, or something along those lines- it is a can of, well, liquid rubber you can dip your tool's handle in and coat it to be electricity resistant. They also sell tiny rubber feet, about 1 cm in diameter circle with a bit of epoxy on one side, but these might be too thick. A thin version of these should look pretty professional, but they all should work.

Yeah i think thats what i will do thanks for the help!