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OVERHEATED!!!.....again. Answered

so my old laptop overheated again, i need help on stopping this...


I successfully kept a friends laptop cool enough to play Unreal by elevating it on four post it note pads. That is until the room itself got too hot. I have noted that laptop coolers do this with the addition of a fan. One of your pictures states that the fan vent is blocked. Clearing that would be the first step to take.

that sounds like a good idea. a blocked vent inhibits the already poor airflow on a laptop. if you buy a real mat with fans, its important to build a gasket out of foam to make sure the cooling air reaches the laptop

Buy a new fan and cool it

and i think we already established that a new fan would help.

Have you overclocked it at all? IIRC K6's only go up to 300mhz.

you can overclock laptops? i thought the bioses were locked, and the cooling system could not handle it anyways.

Open the case and clean it out with a vacuum or compressed air.

Second, get some air under it by using some sort of a stand. My wife's laptop kept overheating until we put it on top of something that would allow air underneath to keep it cooler.

third, take it to your local laptop technician. explain the problem to him, and ask him to please change the thermal pads in the laptop to arctic silver (i think the latest is seven) and replace the fan with a similar sized one but with a higher CFM rating. tell him you are not concerned with the loss of battery run-time this will cause.

Third-and-a-half, pay the tech more than the laptop is worth : )

you could probably upgrad the fan yourself. the heasink part would be a bit harder

I have found an excellent laptop-cooling surface to be a Lego board my mother keeps at her house for when the boys go round. It's a couple of thin, flexible boards glued to a piece of 1/4 inch plywood, about three inches bigger than the laptop on all sides.

It is a bad battery getting hot ?

or do what my friend does....go get a big square ice pack, the size of the bottom of your laptop, then wrap it with a bit of paper towel, then put it under the laptop, and it will keep it cool.