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Obama '08. Answered

This is a group for all Obama supporters!!! WHOOT!!! :D


let's hit obama with I_A_C's cannon. in fact why not 50 of i_a_c's cannons.... >:-)

why obama? Mccain lost the election....

Not American...Still like him!!!!!!

What does "YES WE CAN" stand for? Yes we can raise taxes, get rid of hospitals, kill millions of babys? -.-

thank you! (late comment, but just looking through how much of a butt obama is)

No idea, I'm not even American, i just thought it suited the topic...

I don't know. They haven't PROVEN he's not American. There's the birth certificate issue, and the fact that he was adopted by an Indonesian and travelled on an Indonesian passport into his adulthood. But I'm still not quite ready to say "Not American".

They haven't proven he's not american?

Trying to prove a negative. Not american until proven so... right?

I'm an Obama supporter and so are most of the people I know. I feel that he will get us out of this endless war in the right way, he'll help our foreign relations, and get out country focused on the right things. I am absolutely terrified that people can look at the McCain/Palin ticket and think they're capable of doing anything but giving speeches to try to relate to ignorant people that know nothing about what's going on in the world - so far most of their supporters only seem to be saying they don't want any "terrorists" in the white house, no "blacks" in the white house, or any babies getting aborted, though they don't want to teach people to be responsible about sex either. I really have not heard anything logical from McCain supporters about why he should be elected. I only hear attacks on Obama, and these attacks are far-fetched and crafted so that they appeal to people that only get their news from one source. Even some of the comments in this thread are really upsetting. :(

not starting an arguement, but obama wants peace, and if you have studied some stuff about pece the only way to make peace is to have war, if you have peace straight away then there will be a war, but i don't care too much about who wins...

We've already had our war. For years now we've been at war. So I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. :)

war is never good, i just think obama is a little to "peacy"... but i agree that all of the world hates america and we need to get more involved with all of the other countries.

We are involved in other countries. Unfortunately, "involved" means "occupying".

That's why everyone hates us.

Or the fact that most Americans are arrogant.

Coming from a Canadian-American :D

We are not arrogant!

We're way too perfect to be arrogant.

. ROFLMMFAO!! . You've made the list of quotes on my personal page.

the only way to make peace is to have war

Your statement if both completely contradictory and false. And absurd. War is not necessary for peace. It's a frame of mind like yours that starts wars.

Obviously with that level of misspelling he should have studied English, not war ;-) He is woefully misrepresenting the famous quote from Vegetius "He who desires peace, prepare for war"

Haha, nice. I'm glad that at least some one knows the meaning of the quote. It really bothers me when people misinterpret it.

It is a lot like saying: The only way to get things clean is to make they dirty....um, what? :-)

No offense meant to Obama (no I don't think he's a muslim or terrorist), but I feel don't feel he's the right leader at this time. Call me doomsayer, but IMHO, the world's goin' doooooown, I'd really like someone with military experience, even if it was mostly being in a dungeon. Then there's the environment, I don't feel either candidate has a really spectacular plan, so I'll let that one drop. Obama definitely has the edge on being youthful, and not had about every bone broken, so yah, he's probably in better shape. But McCain has experience, he's spent his entire adult life in service of his country, and a track record of voting for what he believes to be the best choice for the country, not how the party or lobbyists feel. Obama has only about 4 years experience, and a track record of voting with his party (suggesting ehem, party loyalty?BB), regardless of the subject. As for abortion, I'm pro-let-her-decide, which McCain isn't (crumbs), but with global meltdown looming, I don't think it's a very pressing issue.

I kinda think we may have had this conversation before...

experience isnt everything, just look at george w. bush(:( :( :( :( :( :()

Yeah. GWB didn't have much experience... and gas went up. I'm looking.

BOO GEORGE!!!! although from what my parents told me his dad wasnt that bad. and when your parents (and yourself) are democrats, you know he had to have been pretty good.

I see your point, but I'd rather see someone who's a bit more in touch with modern life than someone who doesn't use e-mail.

Yes, because eMail is what's going to get the gas prices down. Yes, eMail will end the war. definitely...

He doesn't? Dash... Ack well... At least he can communicate when *gasp* the internet fails!

I wonder how much he's going to spend retrofitting the White house with type writers and fax machines?