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Obtaining Used Fishing Nets? Answered

For my [http://http//rraft.blogspot.com rRaft] I need a way to lash all the bottles together. I've been thinking used fishing nets, but can't seem to find a cheap source of them. Any ideas?


Hi, everyone just saw this post and wanted everyone to know that i work for a net recycling business from Seattle called The Net Shed and you can find us on Ebay and Etsy. We offer used marine grade fishing net and you can email us at Thenetshed@gmail.com for any size order. This is not like normal net this is made for fishing and will probably last longer then you. Also, it is very affordable, at least 50% off the price of new.

make your own may take a little time but cheap if you have the stuff

like yarn for small fish or thick rope or fishing line witch is kinda hard to work with so prete much just any kind if thin but strong rope

Well, if you drink lots of six packs of soda you could use the plastic thingies.

You'd still have to link them all together, right ? :-)

Well yeah, but you could have two loops over one bottle.

Ok....*confused look.* I must be missing something.... :-)

Ok i will draw a picture. Hold on a moment.

Wait nevermind. It didn't turn out right.

Oh wait, now that I am awake and able to think again clearly.....I know what you mean. A loop from one plastic Duck strangler and one from another one over the same bottle......duh on me. I should not post nor try to think so late at night. This would work if the bottles will be held tightly together, but otherwise, they would rotate or spin out of the loop. Sorry about my lapse of intelligence last night. :-) Also, I don't know what else to call those plastic things either, but the ones thrown away have a habit of strangling animals, especially ducks. So, no offense intended.

Yeah that's how I pictured it. Though I never really thought that they could come out for some reason. I feel sorry for the poor ducks :(

Are you insisting on fishing net or are you open to other ideas? Landscape net, bird net, plastic fencing, snow fence...all are made of plastic with lots of holes. A cheap blue tarp would work if you just need a 'bag', or you could poke holes threw it to sew bottles to if you need them in a particular shape-like a hull : ) If you are lashing the bottles, you could just use sticks/lumber. The necks would be an easy place to tie them, with a second 'seam' around the main body.

I'm not at all insisting on fishing net, it just seemed like they would work well/be easily accessible.


10 years ago

What kind of netting are you looking for? I live in a town with heavy commercial fishing. The Forest Service uses old fishing nets nailed down to wood plank trails to make them less slippery. That netting is usually from line about as thick as parachute cord - unless you only need a small amount then you're looking at some steep shipping costs. If you want something thinner and free you could try grocery stores for the synthetic onion bags. You may need to do a bit of stitching or use hog rings to connect them but i bet they would work.

fish net is as cheap as dirt! cant understand the problem! make a big sock of fish neting and fill with plastic bottels. a brillant and cheap idear i wish id thought of years agoe! if fish neting is expencive were you are maybe some one trying to rip u off!

Is there not a local fishing-tackle shop? You could ask there, or put a card in the window looking for old fishing nets or catch-nets (the long tubular nets anglers use to keep fish alive until they are weighed and thrown back).

find a scrap yard that hauls crushed cars and ask about net wrap for the trailers they may have a small bit left on a roll that wont cover the load and sell it cheap or give it to you.

they wrap the load of crushed cars with this netting to keep small pieces from falling off on the road and causing damage to other cars on the road when transporting the crushed cars.

Hm, I don't think those would be big enough...my calculations show I need two pieces of net about 7'x9' each.


10 years ago

There's a whole load in storage a few hundred metres away, been there for 2 years, but they might be a little too big... =)

You can try making your own netting, (with thinnish fishing twine)

A machete would be more useful, and postage would be more than it's worth. ;-)

How could I forget, there's another way..... fish net tights? 0_o just buy plenty and string them together. =P

Ebay might be the best bet, honestly, unless you can find some at a marina. I was wondering how this was going. Now I can just stalk the progress through the blogspot site, haha.

eBay had some for less than $15.00. You could also possibly check a local harbor and talk to the workers to see if they have unused fishing nets.