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Obtaining Vista CMD Commands Answered

In Vista command prompt, there are loads of commands that weren't there in XP, some of which are needed for a utility program I am writing. I run XP, and therefore am in search of a 'pack' of these added commands that I could download. Know of one?



9 years ago


you can download them, i havent done it myself, but hey, worth a try.

i also was playing around in system32 folder and thought you could copy the command from there. and move to your XP computer it you had access to a vista Computer with Admin abilities...but i didnt have any luck with that approach,

I've tried that, doesn't work. At least for choice.

maybe if you try other ones they will work. did you put them in the right place? system32 folder? (no offense just checking..)

No, I didn't put them into System32. But I did put them into a folder onto my desktop, then added the folder's path to the %path% environmental variable.

%path% only holds it for one session. You need to manually add it using System Properties.

I didn't see where to download it from there, but I did find all the [ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Services/TechNet/samples/PS/Win98/Reskit/ win 98 reskit tools]. [ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Services/TechNet/samples/PS/Win98/Reskit/SCRPTING/CHOICE.EXE Here] is it itself.