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Obtaining parts to build a Van de Graaff generator? Answered

 I live in Portland, Or and having a difficult time locating parts to build a Van de Graaff machine which is a science project for my grandson's fair.

Would appreciate any and all help.

Can be reached at email udtone@comcast.net


What parts are you looking for?

Are you looking locally and on line?

 Looking for the 8-10" hollow metal sphere with about a 2mm wall and roller material.

Thanks for the response

Have you seen the various VdG projects on this site?  Many of them use "scrap" materials you could find most places, and you could go through them, mixing-and-matching ideas to suit the materials you can get hold of.

Off the site, this classic DIY model uses household plumbing, a cheap electric motor, rubber bands and an empty soda can.