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Octo-copter motor wiring? Answered

I am building this octo-copter and I was wondering something about the wiring of the motors. The author says to solder the identical motors of the octo version to each corner of the control board but could I solder them to the wires on the next motor directly? Sorry if this is confusing; I can give details if someone needs it.


I think you are asking if you can have the current pass through one motor and then (Without going to the battery) go through the next motor? If that is the case, the answer is no.
The power will be eaten up by the motors, leaving each with half the power. On the other hand, if it goes through the motor, then to the battery, that motor doesn't have to compete with anything for the power. Hope this helps!

Yes, this is what I was trying to ask. I'm still learning about electronics so I wasn't sure how the current would work. Thank you!


4 years ago

Have you given any thought to weight and balance of your machine ?

Extra solder weight at a moment-arm can make the balancing software more difficult.