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October Build Night with Dodocase at the Taipei Hackerspace Answered

Hi everyone!

We just had our recent Dodocase VR build night at the Taipei Hackerspace. I was a bit afraid beforehand because this is the first time we had a build night more around a complete product instead of a kit or parts, and was a bit out of ideas (beyond the ones mentioned in the announcement). It worked out pretty well, though, and a lot of people were interested in the kit and VR in particular, very useful for reachout.

The projects made at the event:
Virtual Reality Kinetoscope Parlor
* Low-magnification microscope
* Recycling the packaging material for head mounts

Attached some pictures from the results.

We were also working on low-tech 3D viewing, such as printing images that could be used with the kit in the absence of a smartphone. Got some prototypes but they don't work reliably just yet. Need to figure out the field of view and positioning better.

Greg from the Taipei Hackerspace