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Odd wedding ring materials? Answered

i was thinking about getting a wedding ring in the future and i am not the kind of person who likes to be traditional. My girlfriend is worth everything to me so a ring that would be worth almost as much as her would be a diamond ring made out of osmium, iridium, osmiridium, or platinum. i know that these are all in the platinum family (group) but would any of these make good materials for a ring? i would like an unusual material that possibly has some cool properties (like osmium has a cool blue tint).

P.S. i know that osmium when oxidized has a smell and is toxic (and will cause the skin to turn black) i also know that platinum is a "traditional" wedding ring material and therefore can be made into a ring but the others i am unsure about.


get one made with platinum and meteorite a gift from the stars

You don't want something toxic. Some metals can't be resized.

Its a piece of jewelry. My wifes engagement ring was a simple silver and gold plated twisted wire ring made for $15. The wedding band was a $37 replica ring worn by Britney spears from emitations

Heck I proposed to her with a strawberry ring pop!


4 years ago

Have a portion of your rib removed and made into a ring.

I wanted my wife 22 years ago, to get a wedding ring from a pawn shop. I only mentioned it to her once... because I thought she could get a MUCH nicer ring for WAY less money. She didn't like the idea at all. I decided to let her decide what kind of ring to get.... what kind of cake to get.... what kind of dress to get... and just about every other choice about the wedding. It was a wise decision. Someone once told me, "It's her wedding... let her make the choices." That's the best advise I can give you.

Rather than a non-traditional material, try a non-traditiotal shape.

Go to a proper jeweller with a list of things that are special to you both - places, dates, songs, people, animals, events, emotions, messages - and see what they come up with.


4 years ago

Black rhodium:

Black Rhodium ring.png

I have tungsten rings. One of which has a carbon fiber inlay.

Traditional material id gold of course.

Recent years have seen a rise in platinum, rhodium plating and mixed materials.

If you want something unique you need to find a craft jeweller who designs and makes. Take along pictures or sketches and discuss with him.

The rings below are silver with a bark like pattern and a silver ring with a free gold ring circling the dished centre. I made these for a friend. They could just as easily have been gold and platinium.