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Offensive Images on Search Engines Answered

This is a Topic I've been wanting to discuss for a while, Offensive Images on Search Engines

You've probably searched on google for a perfectly innocent image for something, only to get some what most will consider some very offensive images, mainly the male member(please stay classy on this, no comments I beg of you)

This has really become an issue as these people insert popular keywords into these image sites so they will appear if one searches for something completely unrelated. This is truly a problem for moral people trying to go on with their regular lives.

These cases have also moved out of search engines, as many of you will unfortunately remember hello.png ( I extremely warn you, DO NOT GOOGLE THIS! EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE> YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED NOW INSTRUCTABLES NOR I TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RESULTS OF NOT FOLLOWING IT. )

I would like to see your points of view in this topic


that's nasty, I just googled "hello.png", to see what I was missing, and I was absolutely disgusted to find this:


its .jpeg hello.jpeg Misspelled sorry!

lol. But still, if you found the real one, dont say I didnt warn you

. You're braver than I am. I learned my lesson when someone told me I HAD to check out some "2 girls, 1 cup" video. Maybe it was 1 girl, 2 cups, I dunno, I try to block it out.

saw it, puked, saw reaction videos on you tube.... old lady, priceless.

It's not so much moral people, it almost includes everybody. I really don't want to google the word, pokemon, and have a picture of picachu doing some unspeakable things to misty pop up. It's really annoying. But google has strict safe search, so you should be alright.

Yeah... Try strict safe search. You can change it in your settings to prevent any bad images.

I know what you mean,(sorry about bringing my religion into this) i once did a search and i was looking through the pages and saw a picture of a guy pretending to be Jesus wearing a diaper walking down the street. i have also seen that when i search for what ever i am searching for i need to make sure that i explain exactly what i am searching for or many pictures that have nothing to do with the topic come up.

That picture is from a video, and it was completely a joke. If you get offended by it, you just have no sense of humor.

the point is that is something offensive compared to what you're looking for, doesn't matter if u talk bout religion

well, most people are geting mad that i can relate lots of things to my faith. the searches need to be made different. so they dont just search for words.

yes, even seemingly innocuous websites (slight misspellings of legitimate ones) have been set up to push porn, etc. I remember stumbling across one at work years ago (a misspelling of a .GOV site actually). It is bad enough having to stumble on such things, but to have them forced on us by hiding them in "almost" legit sites is downright criminal.

I ESPECIALLY hate those!!! I used to play an online game called runescape. Its very interesting how many misspellings of the site there are, most of them at least mentioned words slightly related with pornography

He he my friend used to play and i went to his house and he was showing it to me. When he went to the toilet and logged off i hacked password. (really easy thing that's easily avoided, i'll explain later) I changed password and played keep away for a few days and he got really frantic it was like his life so i mysteriously put a note in his bag of new password. Games like that are unhealthy.

I find it really annoying when people put offensive images up and put keywords for it that a lot of people search for. I mean, I'll be searching for a picture of a cat and Bam! There's a guy with no clothes on! (Okay, that didn't happen but you get my point)

on a recent forum topic about a school putting their logo on a human hair, I googled a picture of someones hair. I typed black hair......the rest would probably scar me for life If i didn't immediately close Firefox after a second.

When ever that happens to me the browser doesn't close right when I click on the X and the page is still loading. It makes me mad at the stupid computer.

Wait until the day you accidentally come across what I call a super-loader. Throwing popups and pages up so fast your blocker can't even handle them all. Most of the time the computer just locks - a major GRRRR moment.

Just like the guy on the movie Wild Hogs.....

You saw that movie too ? My wife forced me to watch it....it had it's moments I suppose :-) But yeah, I remember. :-)

I love that movie!!! I watch it all the time. I really liked the cop, it was really funny.

That's great, really. Everyone has their preferences.
The closest thing to a movie that has ever made me laugh out loud was The Blue Collar Comedy Tour (the first one). I am not much for site jokes, and never laughed at the 3 stooges much. *shrug*

. You don't like The Three Stooges?!?! Geez, I don't know what to think about you. I'm so ... I don't know ... disappointed in you. <heavy sigh while shaking bowed head> That's tantamount to sacrilege.
. <wink>

I didn't say I don't "like" the shows....they just never made me "laugh". Now, the Marx Brothers, I liked more, there were more verbal jokes, which is why I liked teams like Abbott and Costello more so then say, Laural and Hardy.

. All of those made me laugh, but I suppose my favorite Golden Moldies are Spanky and Our Gang. Who was the kid with the real raspy voice, Froggy? He cracked me up.

... Spanky and Our Gang ...

Imagine what that could throw up on google these days!

I ALWAYS research a site before I enter. I search around for opinions, antivirus ratings, and yes even wikipedia. I'm very concerned about Internet Safety.

I would call to question your use of the word 'offensive'. There is nothing wrong with offending someone, we all have the right to do so. Some people must like these images that you oh-so-hate. Instead I would use the words, pornographic, explicit, distasteful. Anything that doesn't immediately imply that you want them banned/removed on the basses of them being offensive. If someone has exploited the system by using false keywords, wrongly categorizing the image or is being maliciously distasteful then these are good reasons to remove something, but not on the bases of it being offensive. I just thought I would make that point. After all, the widespread misunderstanding of the word 'offensive' now means your likely to get death threats if you draw a cartoon of Muhammad.

thats what I meant by offensive. Personally I don't care if people make fun of my religion, because thats reality. Welcome to the real world, no one believes you...

Oh yeah, I remember goatse. When you search hello.jpg now it asks if you meant goatse. Wow. I also discovered that if you type in 3 letters on google images you can usually find something offensive. Many times in the first couple of pages. I don't really care any more about seeing the random stuff that comes up. I guess I've just been desensitized by all of it. The internet is filled with so much sex that it's impossible to avoid it entirely, unless you plan on throwing up some huge site blocking program that blocks more than what it needs to.

The internet is filled with so much sex that it's impossible to avoid it entirely, unless you plan on throwing up some huge site blocking program that blocks more than what it needs to.

Even limiting your viewing to here alone is not 100% safe. We had an incident not long ago someone posted something inappropriate for the site. It wasn't up long, but it was up; which as you wrote is impossible to avoid. But I have found this to be one of the places I find the least amount of the "unnecessary garbage" that is "out there".

Unless you use get a text only browser.... :-)

I had one at one time, but it fell out of use, and I am not sure if it is even on my machine anymore :-)

I find that it becomes an issue where sites just don't care about text-only people, and make it impossible to use their sites. It sucks... I'd use text-only if it was possible.

Schematics become really rough in text only (some simple ones can be done but it still looks rough :-)

might I ask what it was? or......shouldn't I ask.......if you know what I mean...

Someone posted a nude woman in a forum topic. Nothing outlandish, but it was a full monty, so not appropriate for a family site. My wife, standing nearby, accused me of going to a porno site *sigh*

It isn't like she had anything different than any other female has. Unless you meant that you missed me being harassed by my wife LOL

yes, I mean that , just thought people would be more familiar with hello.jpeg

and also, the site goatse itself is a joke goatse.ex so you know that something gonna come up.

I stand corrected. But I still stand on it: its a pun

The pun wouldn't of worked with .ex, sounds too much like "seeks"

you know, I've seen you a lot here, but never actually talked to you. So hi, nice to meet you!

Hi! Nice to meet you! You should know that I'm partally sane. I figured you should be warned.