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Offensive user name Answered

Hi everyone
If you can see the picture you might see my problem, some nut has posted comments on one of my instructables that I use to teach kids at school. I could delete the comment but that may make it look even worse with "the pedo under your bed deleted by authors request". tag under my 'ible Do we really need a member with that user name, and can I get rid of all trace of it from my page?.


I can't see why anyone would use such a name as it's so anti-social, perhaps he thinks it's funny. I hope he "get's" why you were concerned and apologises.

thanks, I use instructables to teach kids, the job is hard enough with out that sort of nut bag leaving comments on the bottom of my Ible
best thing is The instructables staff got rid of him pretty quickly

I've flagged the comments as inappropriate to make them disappear. Flagging them means that the "deleted by..." bit doesn't show up.

If I were you I'd email service@instructables.com to report the questionable username. If they were a contributing user it might be tolerated as just a little low-brow, but if all they're doing is winding other users up, perhaps they'll be made to change their name.

Don't worry about emailing service, I'll email the appropriate person to save time.


Jayefoo to the rescue! @liquidhandwash, you can flag "not nice" comments or email service@ if our Greenwich Mean Team isn't around to lend a helping hand. Between sleeping and eating and spending time with their families, HQ staff address issues like this within a business day. (Faster if mikeasaurus runs out hot glue on a weekend.)