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Official Release!! The Knex Gun Chat Room Answered

Well, the day has come, the Knex Gun Chat Room is ready for use! Also available here: http://www.meebo.com/room/knexerslounge/ Use your regular instructables username so we know who you are. RocketScientist2015 is the admin mod, and the only one capable of making and deleting mods, so if you have any mod related troubles, contact him. For anything else, talk to DJ Radio, rocket's second in command.

on another note, what happened to the ability to imbed slideshows?

What are you still doing here? GET TO THE ROOM!!



It seems I'm the only 1 who ever uses this chat room, every1 else seems to be gone.

It used to be great for a few months, but the topic died, and everyone just forgot about this room and went to KIChat.

Also, could you post a list of mods up there? i forgot which people are mods

I can not remember.... I pretty much modded everyone with a meebo account...

Mod me too please, my account is bartboy_instructables

lol, mepain has a point. we have like 6 mods here and we have barely any traffic.

Is this killerk posing as an alternate member?

No, just me :) His guns are only there because they are GOOD (and besides if I was KillerK surely I would have posted the SR-V2 instructions under the name KillerK not Lowney)

I doubt anyone who wants to go on the chatroom hasn't by now.

I dont think ye need to be bumping it.

We'll just bump it if it goes to page 2 or something

Can't the knexers just favourite it or something?

As soon as i get to my house i will be on!

my new gun is being posted on the 1st! (or tomorrow :-) i will try to post it tomorrow. it features : 17-round, jam-free magazine (the burrito master's) TRUE string-trigger 100 ft. range (with 4 tied up 64#'s) Flexible/strong stock ZERO-friction barrel (no true barrel) A comfortable handle For-grip Pin-Point accuracy scope cons i looks a bit like the storm 220 it uses 2 broken orange connectors Yay!