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Official instructable robot plans ? Answered

Hi, I've seen severall nice projects for creating Instructable Robot oriented things (paper robot, plushie, drawing, ...). BTW, every one seems to have hes own interpretation of the robot. Would'nt it possible to create 2 cad drawings (one with all details, an one simpler with, eg, torso boutton just included in the texture and not modeled in 3D), in a open (participativ) way ? Discussion is open. (please, also include discussion about copyright/licensing issues, ...)


The offical drawings are probably stuffed in a jelly jar long forgotten in the back of an old cupboard cabinet up in the attic of someone's grandmother's house. The elusive plans are what make it the holy grail of Instructables. That is half the fun in making your own and gives DIYers the motivation for what you can't have, you make or what you can't have, make it cheaper... Good luck.

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