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Oh, no! Not again! Answered



9 years ago

Ha HA! SPAM man, to the rescue!

I searched users for both "spam DJ" and "DJ spam" and the only ones it turned up were DJ Radio and Slime Q Slimedog...


It's weird, I think maybe the only reason slime Q- turns up is because he references DJ. But I'm still puzzled 'cos they both turn up if you search for users under "spam"... L

Unless they're knights of the round table?

"We dine well here in Camelot
We eat ham and jam and Spam a lot"


Why do little to none of these comments have anything to do with spam?

. That's just us. Welcome to the Forums! . This post didn't really call for comments, so we just had a little fun. . Doing it here is much better than hijacking "real" posts as we sometimes do. :)

. I'd have a hard defending a charge of "unnecessary posts," but, since they are not commercial in nature, they are not really SPAM.

I meant the play Spamalot. You know, just putting SPAM and a hilarity together.

Also, I find it sad that a lady on teh interwebz is so rare as to engender so much doubt. :P

Get it? Engender? Ha - I kill myself!

Impolite, gross, distasteful. But not spam. If you want to flag it, flag it as "inappropriate" rather than spam.

Since this topic has resurfaced... I see both those projects are still available.

Emm, what are those two instructables?

Well, what ever they are, they make NO sense to me.

This image is Hilarius, i'm saving it.

I don't like SPAM!!

Have you had it on a blob of rice? Hawaiian Spam sushi is not nearly as bad as you'd think it would be, considering.

one of my friends once ate an entire clove of horse radish. his face turned a shade of red that most people would describe as "fresh-painted fire truck". it was hilarious.

clove of horseradish? Garlic comes in cloves, american horseradish is a fairly large root however:


Yes, I love horseradish too. And I really like authentic (hard to find) Wasabi too (most wasabi in the USA is faked...mustard + horseradish + green dye)

Hmmm, Hawaiian Spam sushi, I have got to try that some time, though it might need some nori or wasabi. *watches Lyra cringe*

Actually I have. I've spent a little time in HI, and they have Spam preparation down to an art. I actually don't mind the meat product. I was just applying the Monty Python line to the "other" SPAM. :-)

I used the exact title of this thread for a title on one of my poems. Coincidence? I think not!

. You weren't wearing your foil hat when I was transmitting thoughts, were you? I hope you've learned your lesson.

This wouldn't be related to the bug Kiteman and Jamalam have reported? - I've noticed a lot of the (not really) recent items have been removed, the SPAM, as previously noted, was never actually removed just moved out of sight (and I still haven't had an answer on that, even after PM-ing Fungus)


. Both are dated Mar 1, 2009. I'd say you are on to something, Sherlock. I wonder why the accts weren't deleted?

Well this was discussed and asked, I might have another shot at Fungus tomorrow if none of the admins post on this topic by then.


. I'd wait until Mon PM (PST/PDT) to PM fungus. He may not be back in the office until Mon AM. . When you do, tell him my e-mail notifications quit again.