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"Oh, you must have too much time on your hands" Answered

After showing off something that I've worked on or made there will be someone, usually anonymous on the internet, who will say, "This guy clearly has too much time on his hands."

Yet these same people will gladly spend hours on blogs or on digg making comments. If there was ever a worthless way to throw away your voice online, commenting on digg is one of the best. Or maybe youtube. There's no point to that for anyone.

For me it's a matter of priorities. I don't watch TV and only occasionally watch movies. I think that for many people it's possible to get free time. The hard part is deciding which way to use it. People are clearly willing to spend it on distractions.

It was recently announced that the average WoW player spends 17 hours a week online. And according to the A.C. Nielsen Co. the average TV viewer watches 28 hours a week. That's a lot of building time.

So when someone says that I have a lot of time on my hands I can just laugh and know that I'm putting my time where I want to. It helps that I don't have kids, I know, but there are many others in the same situation as myself who work hard on keeping up on their cultural knowledge and that's about it.

Time to make something new.


I am sure that is the opinion many of my colleagues have about me - yet, how is time spent Making any more wasted than time spent watching a sport you don't play being played by people you don't know in a country you've never visited?

I hope from the time I have been spending (what little time I have) online, has been of help, inspiration, and cautionary to at least one or two persons.


10 years ago

Heh heh. I frequented Digg for about two weeks last year. Best I can describe it: "Slashdot for the attention deficit." ;-) Totally agree--when you look to a critic of DIY projects, they always 'waste' equal or greater time on recreation. It never occurs to them that we find this activity relaxing and energizing....

I guess that is why Instructables was invented!! To get the every day person to go out and make some DIY projects!


10 years ago

Right on Fungus!

Well, if it weren't for that darned Instructables place, I'd spend less time on the Internet and more time working! It is an odd little paradox (not really a paradox, I know. Shut up, Kiteman.) that I "waste" so much time wandering Instructaworld that I never seem to have time to finish projects and post them...

I was going to read this post but CSI Guadalajara is on.

Sometimes one's time is dictated to a degree. Most of my "free time" is during backups while I am at work (when I do most of my posting here). But I could not bring in a project to work on, to the computer room at work. I don't really have a "period" of time lasting more then 15 minutes at a stretch, and there are many things I could not do in the computer room at work (solder for instance....would set off the Halon system). I rarely watch TV either, and I rarely get to see other people....my shift makes me more like a hermit than anything :-)

Sure, the same situation is not true for everyone. If I had a couple of kids I would have far less time, I'm sure.

Yes, and I know, I wasn't generalizing.....just speaking for myself.

Or was that, making excuse for myself ? :-) I do seem to feel like I need to excuse myself all the time.

Oh, sorry, didn't mean to get off topic.

It would be great if I could get back on first shift again *sigh*