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Ok, certainly someone can tell me what THIS bug is? Answered

 I was wiring up some stuff behind my door, and found yet ANOTHER bug. Now I know I asked before and no one could really tell me what it was, but this is a completely different bug than the first one, and yet I have no idea what it is. I have one REALLY clear picture here, surely someone can tell me?!?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I can't tell what it is, but it is not a bug ("bug" is a specific group of insects).

It looks old, in an evolutionary sense, pre-beetle, which probably makes it some kind of bristletail or silverfish.

Whichever, there is very little reason to be worried about it being in your room - it's probably eating the flakes of skin you shed around the room, or the fungus that grows on that skin.

Without creatures like this, your room would be deep in the detritus that your body casts off every minute of the day.

It does remind you of the silverfish family.

 Yeah actually it does, thanks for reminding me that we'll get plagued by them this summer too :P

Here's a website to help you identify that bug.

If you can't find it there, join a bug forum, yes there really forums devoted to bugs.  There are too many bugs to be able to identify everyone and still have another life but there should be an answer if you're really interested.

Don't be so bummed out by finding a couple of bugs in your room.  No matter how clean and nice you home is it is still full of bugs.  And spiders, ants, a few scorpions.

Almost every spring I catch a baby snake in my house.  And guess what!  Today's the day.  I caught 10" corn snake in my garage trying to get inside out of the rain.  So don't worry so much about a few bugs.

 I like snakes, if I found one in my house I'd keep it as a pet. My one friend who happens to be like 45, is still terrified of them, as big and round of a man he is.

.  Looks like some kind of sow bug to me.

 I thought it was a potato bug but they don't have tails on them