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Okay, problem with hp pavillion ze5700- letter "y" scrolls across the display whenever a folder opens. Answered

The "y" character scrolls  continually. I  disconnected laptop keyboard ribbon and hooked ext. ps/2 keyboard, then  reloaded  XP OS , then sub-out  HD , then tried to load XP again. No avail. Suspect hardware, no trace breaks seen,


Try to enable "Show Hidden Files" in ur folder option of My Computer. If it does show, check and see if TaskManager or DOS Command Prompt can be activated in ur computer. If ur computer restart while trying to run any or both, then it's a Virus and I do have a solution for it. Even try double clicking on all ur drives in My Computer to check and see if for an error message to be prompted like " File missing" or doing something weird rather than just opening the selected drive's folder.

.  Assuming "sub-out  HD" means "replaced hard drive" and you got the machine to boot after that, do you get repeating "y"s at a DOS/CMD prompt. Or does "tried to load XP again. No avail." mean that it won't boot at all now?

Basically it won't boot,I honestly admit that I am just starting to learn " all about it". I was very scared of all of this . I only subbed another  HD from a Compac laptop that has a screen lamp power problem( the high volyage applied to the lamp). The reboot only proceeds part ways then the Ys occurs. It is up to me to find out. Thank you!

.  Sounds to me as if the "Y" key is stuck. Thump on it a few times and it may unstick. It may require cleaning - search Ibles and the Web for instructions. Might have to replace the key switch.
.  May be easier to replace the whole keyboard instead of just one key. YMMV.


8 years ago

Try Reformating but back up all your Important Files

I suspect a "virus" or a malware of some kind.

Extremely few hardware problems could do this.  Random letters would be hard enough.  Random pixels easier.  But the same letter scrolling continuously I don't see that as a hardware problem.

Especially since opening a folder causes the problem.  What hardware is involved with opening a folder that is not involved with say opening a document?

Someone else may have a better answer but I'd be looking real hard for malware.

 This is a problem with the mother board. I had two ZE series laptops do this. I replaced the keyboard,  did a clean install of the OS, and updated the bios for the display and motherboard. Nothing worked. I took it to a engineer who worked for HP. He told me it was a problem with the mother boards. No fix available. One of my laptops worked when I used an external PS2 keyboard. The best bet is to part it out on ebay. The DVD burner and Screen can bring almost $250, enough to buy a new netbook.

I do consider it a personal challenge to fix it. A friend downloaded a series of tuitorials for reveiw whilst I was on a road trip- stuff he found online, that is when it happened. I hate to cut and run being I love my electronics work, this one is a fast dino (was) and was given to me for a song. I penned a song for it! Thank you!

You may be absolutely right, a friend downloaded a Linux tuitorial for reveiw whilst I was on a road trip. Thank you very much!

if you have xp os install disk, reinstall xp. if tha does not work contact customer support.

that's all i know


Customer support- ugh! I shall endeavor. Thank you, I did try to reinstall and only partially succeeded; the same problem reappeared  halfway into the reload.

another thing i forgot download malwarebytes anti-malware, install and scan.


Thank you for the advice- I  am just starting to learn all about it. One year ago I would not even touch a computer. Just the experience from the military service. I appreciate the positive motoivation!