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Old Bathroom Scales--what to do with it/them? Answered

Just got new bathroom scale(s). What can I do with the old one(s)? It has analog not digital readout...and is it SCALES OR SCALE??? 


Make a G meter for a car

Recycle what you can and scrap the rest. Although if you ever get into cooking on a grand scale (no pun intended) you could do your measurements on an equally grand scale. Scale would be the singular, scales the plural.


8 years ago

Not much, there isn't a lot to use in an old set other than a few springs and the dial face marked off in 250, 280 or 300 equal segments. Maybe a strange clock face. The singular form is 'scale', the plural is 'scales.' Although, like RD, most of the people I know use the plural form in reference to one "scale."

Take your house apart piece by piece and weigh it and let us guess how much it weighs.

An I believe that scales is the most common usage.  At least in the US and on the net.