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Old Computers Answered

I’m currently looking for old computer parts for free. I like to tinker with things and see how they work. I live in the Tampa Bay Area. If you or someone you know have old computers you don’t want anymore l, just let me know.



4 months ago

School districts often have obsolete computers to dispose of. Also check with the public library they may have a discard pile in the basement.

For school districts ask to talk to the tech guy (IT person). An administrator or a secretary will be clueless as to what your talking about but a good IT person will know where all the junk is. It's often just in the way but the district will sometimes have red tape wrapped up in it because of the remote possibility that it might be worth something. It's usually not and often actually costs to get rid of. The IT guy can usually dump stuff at his discretion so he is the one to ask.

you might also check craigslist. or a store like bestbuy which accepts electronics for recycling.