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Old Fashioned Key Answered

I was thinking the other day about how I could make all of the gothy underclassmen even more jealous of me and my accessories, when I came up with the idea of having a giant, ornate key as my keyring. Kinda like in the secret garden, or some other old fantasy type movie/book. I couldn't find any starting points at the craft store, but I was thinking it could probably be made from wood, metal, or some type of sculpting medium. SInce it'll be a key ring and flopping around with keys in my purse, it will be rather vulnerable to dings and chips. Any ideas?


I would suggest getting hold of one of these said 'old keys' you can get then dirt cheap on ebay!

I suggest printing off a picture of a key that you like, and then using that as a pattern to sculpt a wax prototype. Then you can use that to make a mold for metal or some other material.

What may be an idea is to start with something that's already most of a key in itself, it's a shaft, a ring/handle of some description and the little teeth or block of them, if you tried carefully you could start with a ring and shaft then use bondo or whatever the stuff that's like metal to make the ornamental parts, it's pretty durable and takes paint.

For the teeth block of the key make the design really intricate for extra props...

i'd love some more detail about this idea. most of the crafting that i do is very lightweight, so i have limited experience in metalwork and like-metalwork.

Well, without a welder, or a forge, making it "durable" may not be possible. Kiteman's and my suggestion of using either a old key gotten at a flea market, or a small novelty key that resembles the same thing is probably going to be the best way to go. Then you can put either a split ring key ring on it, as Kiteman suggested or a large clasp ring.


Why not just use a real key? Check flea markets, car boot sales, cheap antique shops for a big old church-style key, and thread a split-ring onto it.

i'll keep my eyes peeled at stores i happen by, but i definitely don't want to just buy it off of ebay. i'd rather not pay to have the thrill of creating/discovering something wonderful be sucked out of me through my keyboard and shipped to me in a little envelope two months later. I like the idea of modifying parts, gluing them together, and finishing them up nicely though.

Hmm, how "large" do you mean. I have seen some pretty sturdy wooden ones, but I don't know if they would survive inside a purse or not :-) There are novelty keys of that sort made of cast iron, but you will have some extra weight there, even though that would be much sturdier.