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Old Hi-fi with no line-in Answered

Hello everybody,
 I found an old (5/10 years)  Kenwood small hi-fi system. It has a good sound, but I wanted it to connect to my laptop. The problem is that there is no line-in or any other form of input. Since it has cd-reader and a tape reader I though I could create an input removing the tape reader and using the connection tape->amplifier as my new line-in. Is that possible, any help or instruction?
Thanks, bye


If you open it up you'll easily find the L/R audio from either the CD or the tape-deck. Just cut and splice-in.


Thanks, I'll try it!
is there any sort of signal adaptation to perform? I mean is the impedance and the signal level that I send from my notebook appropriate or do I have to use some sort of impedance adaptation (e.g capacitors, resistors, ectr.) ?

Thanks bye

Line-out from the PC should do in place of a CD-out, and I'd think the tape too.
Try it and see?


but I wanted to avoid that solution because of the low sound quality coming out and also I think the cassette player is broken...I was looking for something else..hmmm

. Unless you want to try and figure out the location of a preamp input and solder the appropriate connectors (which I'm guessing you would have already done if you knew how), there aren't many other choices (that I know of). :(