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Update! 2015 Old Knex stuff! Answered

Here are some of my older Knex creations. Sorry, some of the image's are really small. It has my double barrel break action shotgun, My knex stampede, my knex  ball machine, Atlantis V1 and a ball game thingy. These are only a little tiny bit of my creations.

Z.U.H V2
Tommy gun


I might have got lazy so yeh..

mind if I rebuild your thompson?

Ok, well this is the best I could do. (I know, its kind of meh)

But I'll go check out the update! Thanks again for letting me use the pic!


Hey BM can I use your Stampede pic in a forum topic? (Credit given of course)

O wow... I should have just read at the bottom of the page...

I'm headed for over 120 by the end of the year! :P

Oh. Its still cool! How many ibles did you have on your old account?

Wait a second-you made a nerf stampede out of k'nex?! (Passes out on floor).

Heh, yep ;p
I'm looking for photos on the web, as I don't have them on our PC. I also remember you had something like the 'Star ranger' or so, a gun.

the favorite is my stampede out of these

You're welcome, and thanks :D

Ha, I found a picture of your Z.U.H. V2:


I remember that you had an M14 and Stampede. Right now, I'm on my epic quest to find pictures