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Old LCD Backlight...What to do... Answered

I have a typical CCFL-lit LCD backlight that I tore out of an ancient, dying laptop with an ancient, dying screen. The backlight is roughly 25.5cm x 19 cm (9 7/8" x 7 1/2") and about .5cm (1/4") thick. When around 18VDC is applied to the inverter, the whole rectangle lights up with a perfectly even, white, light. I've been trying to come up with something cool to do with it. So far, these ideas have included: -With a piece of protective plastic, a small lightbox for tracing or viewing negatives/slides -Mounted over a desk for a really cool lamp -Illuminated sign Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for what to build with this? A project worthy of the geekiness or the materials?


Hey dude. Nice use of an old piece. Would you have a picture of how to apply the 18v power to the inverter? I cant find the right connection.

Can you not just apply power directly to the wires coming from the panel?


Haha, a few years old this thread, but I'll give it a go.

I believe I saw these backlight frames at the Paris urban planning centre "Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Check this english blogpost: http://www.spottedbylocals.com/paris/pavillon-de-l-arsenal/

In fact, you can see some pictures on the walls that are illuminated from behind by a glowing flat piece of plastic. I guess this is discarded backlight from old lcd screens, and it sure was an awesome way to display the pictures they had on display. I would love to have this in my flat, but some optimization on the print procedure should be done. Oh and I need a flat too.


I took the whole thing out and made it into tech art. The lcd was broken and the stuff leaked so it had these really cool designs on it. I'll try to find the picture and post it by the end of the week.

Found the picture. Sorry, its hard to get a steady picture in the dark without a tripod.


It was from an ancient librex (wouldn't even run win 3.1, and dos and some oither tiny command based linux system didn't work either). My dad's friend got it from someone and gave it to me to mess around with. The screen got like this because apparently it had been dropped a few too many times. When I bring it to my new house (its still in MN) I'll post a new slideshow. BTW its fust powered by a led, not the original ccfl

Cool! I still have the dead LCD panel, maybe I'll bend it until it does something cool. Then again, it's glass, so bending it doesn't sound that great.


10 years ago

A small vanity mirror?

Except that it isn't mirrored...it's a pearly-white plastic rectangle.

Actually, the white plastic is a "diffuser" which spreads out the light which is "pumped in" from the CCFL tubes along the edges of the screen. You could probably just replace the diffuser itself with a mirror. Especially if the miorror has beveled edges that deflect some of the light onto your face (otherwise, you may need to modify the screen border a bit, so it doesn't hide the CCFL's as much.