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Old Laptop Answered

I have an older Laptop. its nothing special but it runs Windows XP. I was wondering what ideas were out there to use them. I've seen the picture frames and revive instructables....... but I was looking for something fresh. Any idea's?



10 years ago

If it runs windows XP then who cares if it's "old"?
But it will run Linux much faster. Especially Puppy.
Video:See Puppy Play

I'm ill this weekend an I'm doing the same thing with my old laptop pentium 2 (226mhz?) 96mb ram. Damn small linux and Slax popcorn (with hd installs) FLY compared to Windows ME. I plan to use it as a school laptop as I don't want to take my main one into school.

Use it as a second screen Mod it into a cool looking desktop Sprawl out the parts so it works, glue it on a wall and use it as a picture viewer thingy I'm out of ideas

I saw a picture (I can't remember where) of a desk covered in old high-powered chips, under a sheet of glass. It looked good, but the poster wondered if the chips could be made to work - a super-computer as a desk. Why not try that with the laptop? You could put the whole thing into a coffee table, with the screen flat in the centre and use a wireless mouse and keyboard to work it.

thats not a bad idea. I've looked at a couple of things to do with mounting. there is an instructable in here somewhere where the guy mounted it upside down under a kitchen overhead cabinet. the screen fliped down and he made a few switches with XP to flip the screen. all controlled by a wireless mouse and keyboard you could stash in a drawer


10 years ago

Donate it to......... Play around with Linux.

You could use it as an Access point if you have a wireless router already, you could have a couple wireless cards connected to it and set it at the other side of your house so it re-broadcasts your wifi signal.