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Old Pc equipment? Answered

I recently(like in the last hour)n was taking apart some old PC equipment, i got a Creative 52x Cd drive and some thin copper wire about 6ft long what have you got out of old things lately?(electronics i mean not old people, etc.?


what have you got out of old things lately?(electronics i mean not old people, etc.?

Well, this old person, has quite a variety of pieces from his original old 8088 IBM clone (memory chips mostly, and a printer card, and a video card), stuff from my 286-486's include HD's, floppy drives 3--5-7 inchers (one 7 1/4 drive :-), an old CD player (x1), and various cards and memory chips. Oh, I nearly forgot my old PS/2 (IBM personal system 2) accelerator card.

7 inch drive ? wow i grew up on the 3.5 floppies and then cd-rw s

Oops, sorry, that was actually an 8-inch (200 mm) floppy drive (mainly used in bigger than pc computers), and then the next size down was the 5 1/4 inch drive. Those two were truly floppy LOL

the 3.5s had that metal slider that wa the coolest thing to hack with ever then came those with a plastic thing instead :'( and then came usb flash :)

then came those with a plastic thing instead :'(

Plastic thing?

BTW: the old paper floppies could be gutted and used as CD dust protectors ;-)

Yes, I had hundreds of the 3.5 floppies, since I did so many backups of from my 8088. But, now it would take many more then all I have (and if I did put a floppy drive in my current machine, it would probably have some difficulty with the 720 KB ones ;-)

i use computers i built from parts from trash. i sometimes build extra computers and give away to who needs them i use as is many other tech stuff from trash as well among stuff i took apart lately some computer mice - wanna do hacking with the xy sensors inside (connected to computer) remains of smashed street lamp (ballast and starter for 150 W sodium lamp without the lamp itself)

Yeah, I forgot about my "box of mice" LOL when they throw one away at work, the mouse catcher (ME) snaps it up before the trash guy comes around.

that is awesome what kind of computer PC im guessing maybe linux let me know and also how strong are they?

i have all the intels from 486 to pentium 4 and 2 amd's that dont work (broken mainboards) all from trashed components / entire computers (except 1 hard drive which i bought new) i use mostly pentium 3 1 GHZ dell optiplex GX150 and sometimes pentium 4 1.7 GHZ with msi board they run arch linux with kde 3.5 / 4.2 beta i also have pentium mmx notebook (thinkpad 765D) but it has dead hard drive and i did not find replacement