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Old RF (cordless) mouse/keyboard receiver device: some ideas to reuse it? Answered

Cleaning my room, I've found an old (pc) iTek wireless mouse/keyboard set. So I think: "Damn, this is a radio input/output device... what can I do with it?". I'm not able to work with electronic (I've only a little soldier skill), but I don't want to throw away this object. Any idea to re-use it? Thanx.


You might want to try to find a group of hackers in your area. My background is in software but I've learned a lot about hardware from other members of a group in Washington, DC. I've also put a lot of electronics to good use by donating them.

Reading through the terms of service I think it's okay for me to post a link to a relevant and non-commercial. website This website has a list of about 150 hacker spaces around the world: hackerspaces.org

Thanx. Unfortunately there's no groups near me. But i've found some interesting links from the hackerspace.

what are your interests?

Give it to me,I always wanted one of those.

yes i hope you live in texas...or florida...or umm...

Hacking it to do other things, like rapid fire, or making it so you can click buttons with your feet. The possibilities are endless, im sure if you do a search on Instructables, or a Google search, you'll find many different options.

I've post the question here because I'm unable to find nothing for my tech skills nor my interest. I'm still looking around.