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Old Search Please Answered

 Like many other people here on Instructables, I prefer the old search. The new search has no filters at all, and anything with the specified keywords in it, no matter how far apart, will come up. If one of the keywords is in the comments it will also show up. I would like Instructables to return to the old way of searching. I understand that the new layout is simpler to new users, but the new search is confusing. If i was a new user to the site, i would be confused and annoyed at the search.


.  I had to do a lot of begging, but Robot finally gave in. Just for you, he has created a special link to the old Graphical Search. Just don't tell anyone else about your special link or Robot will take it away again.

I didn't catch that.  LOL.  Did someone draw this just for instructables or is this where their avatars came from?

nvm, quick google got me the answer.  It is a edit of another comic.

If you were a new user to the site, the new search would look just like every other Google search on the internet, and having no prior point of reference, it wouldn't seem unusual at all.

For the benefit of the longtime users, I hope Nacho can convince Robot to let everybody have access to the Graphical Search. That would be cool.

Um, everybody does.  The "graphical search" link is now up next to the big orange button, even before you do a search.  If you follow that link, it takes you to the old search interface where you can type in anything you want, in the old format.

I know, I was just riffing on Nacho's earlier comment. 'Cause it made me laugh.

Oh :-/  See, that's what I get for replying without reading all the other comments first. 

Sing it with me...  I've got the Monday morning no coffee before writing blues!

Da DAAAAA da dum....

Hmm... blues riffs don't translate to text very well, do they? OK then...

.  Don't know why, but my Squier Strat doesn't sound near that good. Yeah, it must be the guitar.

 Have you tried clearing your cache? What operating system and browser are you using?