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Old bicycle needed Answered

I am looking for an old bicycle for a project I am working on. Preferably fixed gear, but I would take multi-speed also. I am planning to make a unicycle that would be better for commuting. The one I have now is only a 20 inch wheel and I am looking for anything bigger than that, maybe 24 or 26. Let me know if you are interested in contributing a bicycle to my project. Thanks.


frecycle? or the free section of craigslist? shipping a bke across country cant be too very cheap.

Yeah. That's probably a better bet. I've been keeping my eyes open around town also. Thanks

Don't know where you are, but good will (second hand store) here in the states fixes and sells used bikes quite cheaply.

Kentucky. There is a Goodwill here, but they don't have any services like that. Not many people ride bikes here. Occasionally you can find an old bike at a yard sale, but I haven't seen any lately. That's really awesome that Goodwill does that because our only bike shop went out of business a few years ago and the nearest bike shop is over an hour drive. Thanks for the idea though :)