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Old chair restyling Answered

I have 4 antique chairs that are too rickety for seating. I don't want to throw them away or repair them as chairs. Has anyone done anything to rework a chair as a new object? Table, box, shelf, photo frame, etc? Anything but the old planter idea. Two of the chairs are oak pressback and have LOTS of decorative spindles.


You DON'T want to repair them as chairs? Well, pictures would help. Brainstorm: Antique chair planters, you already said no Bar stool, Radial frame around a mirror, Inversion rack, Set of juggling sticks, Nifty drawer fronts for a desk or filing cabinet, DVD rack (now that would be cool), make it a PC casemod to give it that old skool feel, Interface for an organ, slap all the pieces together to make a really detailed ceiling panel that you suspend to change the ceiling height in a room (thus giving the room a covzier feel). The slats and nifty holes will give it a dappled light effect. Oooh! You could make a large shadow art piece with it! You dig?

. If you have enough spindles, they might make nice wheel spokes. Eg, wagon wheel, spinning wheel.