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Old fashioned sweets? Answered

This will probable only apply to UK based answerers of a "certain age"

When I was a kid (1960's) we could buy a nut based sweet/treat - in a cardboard box, the resembled brown wrinkled peas - they were chewy (not Toffee) and a natural nut - slightly sweet to taste

Any idea of the name - it's driving me nuts.




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Tiger nuts!

I used to eat them all the time - they came from the local health-food shop.

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many thanks.

Still available and apparently very good for your health.

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I hadn't realised that the things I called Locus beans as a kid were in fact Carob beans. No wonder they tasted nice! (you can extract a chocolate flavour from carob beans.)

Ta for my 150th B.A.

We used to occasionally get locust beans too.
Strange flavour - I didn't realise they were carob either.
(I'm going to have to get some tiger nuts.)

Sounds like rabbit hutch sweepings, Rick #;¬)

I'd forgotten all about those - Yes, I remember them.
No, I can't remember what they were called.

The only thing I can think of that resembles what you're talking about is "Boston Baked Beans". Unfortunately, they weren't chewy but were a candy coated peanut. (And that would have been in the US...I suspect that you guys had a different candy assortment on the other side of the pond.)

From the consistency, it sounds like the actual material in your childhood candy would have been nougat, if that helps any...

Don't know, it wat the actual "nut" that was chewy rather than the brown-coating?