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Old flyback transformers Answered

I really want a old flyback transformer for my high voltage projects, but I don't know where to get one. I tried to get one from my local TV repair shop, but they did not have any, only new modern flyback transformers and I don't want that kind of transformer. So if you have any old functional flyback transformers that you don't want anymore, I would really want to buy them from you, and I will pay for the postage price. I will buy modern flyback transformers if you are trying to give it away for a very cheap price or for free (I will still pay for the postage price). Please respond to me if you live in UK, if you don't live in UK, please don't respond to me because I cannot afford such high postage (shipping) bill.



6 years ago


Hey Plasmana, I had some suggestions for you. You could go on eBay because they many old flyback transformers. By the way, great 'ibles! I love your Youtube account as well.


9 years ago

It's nearly garbage collection day... I might be able to salvage a couple of old TVs... I live in Australia but I don't beileive the price is THAT high, if it is I'll pay for the shipping. PS: Why do you want modern transformers that are cehap if you said you don't want modern transformers? Doesn't your local electronic treatment plant have thousands of TVs just waiting to be treated?

I will take modern flybacks if that all there is... it is better than nothing. But I prefer old flybacks, but they are extremely rare nowdays. And my local TV repair shop had closed down...

I am still looking... I need more flybacks.

We had a computer store and have gone out of business we have flyback transformers, let us know if you would like to get some of them

I think I could help out, if you are still looking. What exactly are you looking for ? How old? What type? I have a load of old junk, in my shed from years of messing with TV's etc. Very interesting experiments, by the way!

I have several if you get in touch jmshwlls at yahoo dot co dot uk See some of My stuff on you tube SPARKFISHES note: it is sparkfishES See the HV truck as well as TESLA coils Glad to see you are so enthusiastic and inquiring If you can get hold of an old Car ignition coil some big sparks can be made from those also