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Old highlight markers? Answered

found some old dried out highlight markers the kind used in marking text on pages...didnt want to throw them out in the trash...wonder if they could be taken apart and used for a flashlight case or used with Led's or small bulbs or used for something in a craft or art project of some kind?


You could stick in an LED and power assembly to make it a flashlight. If you are into Airsoft, they are awesome for holding BBs, just make sure you have the caps if you want to use them like that. In the nerfing community, some people use them to extend barrels of guns to increase accuracy.

Check the tip under a black light. Some highlighters glow, some do not. If it glows, you could take the inside (sponge thing) , shred it up with some scissors and soak it in a little bit of water or rubbing alcohol.  then mix that in with some hair gel or just rub it in your hair. Then go to a rave or something.

Cut the tip off with a saw/knife, but make sure that the lid will still stay on tight. Pull the ink thingie out of the inside, and Voila!: you now have a secret container that you can use to hide, store, or carry anything that will fit in it. As long as no one around you needs a highlighter (you could keep a spare for said situation), you have a way to hide things in school, at work, or in your house. You can even pass it, along with its contents, to another person with complete innocense. Non-seethrough pens are good for this too.

keep the tip on, and it will still be able to write 4 a bit should anyone become curious....

ideas include wiimote ir pen with infrared led, flashlight with cheap high power blue or white leds, and other such stuff

take the ink cartridges from the highlighters and add to a 3/4 full bottle of water with a few pieces of paper added. In a month to a month and a half you will have VERY stinky liquid which can be used for stink bombs liquid switchups etc. Have fun

you already have the ideas - make it happen! Drill/cut out the end caps, pull out the guts, and do something cool!