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Old iMac Stand - Project ideas?? Answered

Ok, so i had one of those impulse buys.. I purchased a spare iMac aluminum stand (pictured). I was going to use it to attach to the back of my monitor, but the stand would have to fit below the center of gravity for said screen (see second picture) So, any ideas/advice?


IPAD STAND!!! you could make your ipad (if you have one) look like a imac mini!


9 years ago

Hmmm.... hard to decide what you could do with one on those... it looks somewhat like it could be used as a mounting case for a large speaker... just an idea.

You are a silly munchkin with that mask! lv u ;-P

Any suggestions? or are you going to continue to destroy my manly reputation on instructables? :P

love you too

Manly? What is this manly reputation you speak of Nancy?

Its ok bumpus.. ive told her all about you... Its very weird conversing about someone refereeing to them as bumpus.

I do have a real name..

Indeed, but then she has to remeber who is how also.. It was confusing enough explaining beth and adrian monk..

Yer really, it's me with the rep :P

a nice stand for the Nintendo Wii? it matches the color scheme

or paint it to match any other gaming system

Well, the main thing i play games on is my iMac, so it kinda defeats the idea of the stand..

there are no good games for macs... (other then the ones online)

look again... also, i just run games on windows on my mac.

Dig the mask. Perhaps the stand for a particular book?

haha! that would be a good idea - i could even add an led backlight.

Indeed, the clash of styling may be interesting to behold....

well there will be an internal clash, with the retrofitted technology inside the book's core.

Hmm.... sounds interesting. You could always punk the stand.

nahh, apples design should not be messed with. I think the harsh surgical like feel of the stand will clash well with the book.

Here's a not so original idea....use it to hold note pads or sheet of paper, if you need to enter a lot into a word processor.

As a copy holder? not a bad idea... i do do alot of design work.

bookstand? it stops the books from tipping on a shelf

its not quite the right angle for that.

ps- nice hockey mask!

A laptop stand ? Cook-book holder for kitchen ? Stand to hold TV remotes ?

WoW WoW WoW!! Hold on a second, forget about the stand, what the hell happened to your face dude?? LMAO


9 years ago


I dunno about the mask but it might scare off the missus... If it's not a monitor stand, I guess it could be the rife stock of some dystopian chrome rail gun. It looks like he needs to fabricate some kind of VESA compliant extender plate to correctly mount the old monitor.

well, the samsung is actually a media monitor, and has no vesa mounts. Being solid aluminum it is actually a bit heavy, so no good for rifles. I was thinking more something to compliment my iMac..

iMac task lamp. iMac task lava lamp. iMac task lava lamp with fans and USB hub...

The first idea is good... it would make a killer lamp stand.