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Old laptop Project Answered

I have an old laptop I've recently taken apart and i was wondering...

How can i convert the HDD to a portable storage device?

and How can i convert the LCD screen to a monitor or a normal TV?




8 years ago

You'll need an enclosure or at the very least the USB adapter for HDD.

Hope you took the graphics card too, it's a proprietary setup as well often enough but it's going to be easier to persuade that to communicate unless you want to find a broken screen of the exact same resolution and use its driver system to connect that to the laptop screen, assuming the screens use the same technology you just have to get them to convert, if the ribbon cables fit (unlikely) then it would be easy, or you get soldering, a lot of soldering and just hope, pray even that the two screens used the same layout to communicate... 

Without keeping the laptop together it's tricky, though you could set up a flash drive with a bare bones OS and the drivers for a TV card, USB would be easiest and use the laptop as a TV that way, you'd need to rebuild everything and either replace the HDD or boot without one.


8 years ago

Put the hard drive into an external HDD enclosure (type that into Google).

The LCD is usually a proprietary interface. If you can find the datasheet, you might be able to build and program the necessary infrastructure.