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Old mario games on PSP Answered

I know that you can put the original mario game from the gameboy and other old systems on the psp. My friend wont tell me, but he let me play the game (not umd). I was wondering if anybody knows how to do that and if you could tell me. Thanks.


I use clubpsp.org. You are going to need a pandora battery (bought online or made yourself), and a magic memory stick (I'm not sure that is what it is called, but that's what a few of my friends call it). With that, you need to install the custom firmware (CFW). After that, you need to get the homebrew apps that emulate older systems. Nester J, for instance will emulate old NES games, GPSP Kai will emulate Gameboy Advance games, etc. Like Skate6566 said. Then download the rom for the game you wish to play, like mario, or in my case, pokemon. Make sure you already own the cartridge, otherwise it is illegal. Drag that and drop it in your psp (in the right folder of course). Btw, just in case you didn't know, you can play old playstation games too! This in no way is a full tutorial, you have to do a little research...

Assuming you have a legally obtained ROM of the game you want to play, and a Homebrew enabled PSP, you can run them in a couple of ways.

NesterJ for NES games (.nes roms)
gpSP Mod for GBA games (.gba roms)

You will need Custom Firmware for both of these.

Ask your friend to make you a Pandora Battery I havn't been in the PSP community for a while now, so I don't know if that's the most up to date thing or if it's old technology. go to pspupdates.com