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Older instructables being submitted to contests Answered

I'm still fairly new to instructables, and I just joined the Valentine's and Tool Tips contests. As new contests come out, if a person created an instructable that would be perfect for it but did so prior to the contest, could it be entered anyway? I don't have any that I want to do that with right now, but if a sweet contest came up and I already published an instructable related to the topic, how would I enter it? Thanks!


Oh OK thanks. It would have to be re-published to be eligible. Thanks!

Improved or updated and re-published.

Say, write a new version of the old 'ible with better pictures or clearer text, or with extra steps to make the job easier, or extra steps at the end that show more things you can do with your ... whatever it is.

(Generally, though, you will find that you come up with the perfect entry the day after the deadline...)

You would not believe how often that happens to me! It's pretty funny how that happens.

Each contest has a range of eligible dates. While you can publish a new version of an older instructable, you can't enter an old one.

There may have been one or two contests where that's allowed, but if you check the rules, you'll see that it must be published between two dates. The earlier one being when the contest started. Sorry.