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Oldy transformer Wall Wart VS Swithing PSU more efficient? Answered

I mean whats the diffrence? I have bunch of the transformers and another bunch of the fully electronic kinds? why use one or the other? heat, efficiency, weight.
BTW can i put a stepper motor to a 12v side of the transformer and maybe get some 110v on the other side or thats sounds crazy?


Switchers are a lot more efficient than wal-warts.

It will transform AC on the 12V side to the high volt side, but no more power than you put in.


8 years ago

Switchers are definitely more efficient.  However, I've found the traditional wall-wart transformer types are better for powering audio equipment.  The switchers tend to introduce noise that the old transformer types don't.

No, you can't do that with a stepper and transformer.  Maybe with a plain old single-phase AC motor, but not a stepper.

That does depend entirely on the quality of your power supply, there's no blanket inferiority in  a "switcher". We use them in low noise systems.


Yeah, I suppose that's true - they are not all created alike!