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On My Nexus 7 tablet, I cannot close tabs in the chrome browser Answered

On My Nexus 7 tablet, I can't  close tabs on the chrome browser
The "x"'s in the corner of tabs  are too small for my fingers.
I suppose I could buy a stylus and do them one by one , but it seems a waste of money and time . 
Is there any way to close dozens of tabs at one ?


Getting a soft stylus is what I used for a while/

What i have found is that if you tap ever so slightly to the left of the "X", you can close one at a time. When i first got my tablet, closing tabs was incredibly annoying, so i understand your frustration. Haven't figured out a way to close multiple tabs at once though, but that seems like such a basic feature that should be available. Google, are you listening?


5 years ago

turn nexus 7 on its side (landscape view) now tap x on tab to close

There isn't a close all option on the tablet... yet (its on the nexus phone however).

You may have to consider getting a stylus in the mean time (a lot of people are having trouble with this). You can get a stylus fairly cheap (but I get your point), or buy a case with a free stylus (if you don't have a one yet). Its also not a waste of money if you don't have another option and its driving you crazy without it. :-)

You have dozens of tabs open on a tablet? WHY?

Are you not able to pinch and zoom into the screen to get better access to the tabs?

Does that method work on the chrome tabs on your tablet?

Don't have an android tablet. But most tablets i've played with do allow you to zoom in and out on any browser your running. This is a key feature since most web sites are not formatted well enough for the small screens on tablets and smartphones.

When you have some experience using one of these and can help solve this problem please do post. That would be useful. Yhanks