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On a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901, what does "automatic print quality" mean? Answered

 My old printer died:(. So, my dad and I went to office depot, and found this printer with a guy helping us, another person, and playing with his iPod. It's awesome, and, it'll do anything you want it to do(realistically). I read through the guide, though, and I'm wondering what it means by, when it says under print quality, both on the printer's touch screen(!) and my computer, "Automatic." Could any of you help?
                            Thanks, Builder968

P.S. if you want a picture from me, just ask me, and I'll email it to you via my printer. Yeah. It's just that awesome. Well, except for when you print something wirelessly, the network runs slow.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It means that the print quality setting will defer to either the setting on the computer or the setting you choose in the program, say MS printing wizard or photoshop...

So you just choose the quality on the computer, it's actually not bad because it means that when you choose low quality for whatever reason the printer won't pour tons of ink in to a scrappy photocopy in black and white. Plus a medium or lower quality prints a great deal fast for documents.