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On a roller coaster, how many track connectors should be on a gray rod?? Answered

I have been working on a roller coaster recently and I have gotten to where I need to put on the track. I am not sure how many track connectors I need on a gray rod to keep everything smooth and stable. I want to use a few as possible. Therefore, what is the least amount you can have on a gray rod?? Thanks


Im not expert, but I say use as much as possible. 4 is sufficient, preformance wjkk increase with more.

i usually use about 6 or 7 to make it smooth but 4-5 is fine

It depends on how big the coaster is, and how many green track connectors you have. I normally use around 7 on each rod without using orange connectors. But, if you don't have that many pieces, 5 is okay.

I assume you're talking about a KNEX roller coaster and not a real-life one... as many as you feel comfortable with, just shake the set and if it wobbles add more.