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On a site about doing things your way, you've changed the way my browser works. No middle click? Answered

Why can't I middle click, or use a Ctrl+Click to open links in a new tab in my browser.  It's standard behavior that works all over the internet otherwise.

Don't hijack my clicks, it's annoying, and a major usability buster.


We just made a small update, ctrl+click should now work!

Windows XP, Firefox 19.0.2 Using a Logitech M130 on a Dell Inspiron E1705. Two days ago I could center click to open in a new tab, and then yesterday after the main page of Instructables changed it no longer works. Please fix this issue. I surf this site at least 3 hours a day. Having to right click or CTRL click is a pain.

Vista + Chrome 14.0.835.186 m

Same deal, ctrl clicking a link on the front page opens in the same tab as opposed to a new tab as expected. Not a big deal, but still annoying.

Ctrl clicking works on every other instructables page it seems, just not for most of the links on the front page. It's been this way for sometime now, at least from the 28th of August judging from the previous posts. It would greatly improve my satisfaction with the site if ctrl clicking to open a new tab from front page links worked for me.

Other than that, great job. Love the site.



6 years ago


Thanks for sending this bug, can you give some more details so we can recreate? (exact links, logged in or logged out, etc.)

QA engineer

This happens to me on the home page of the site whether i'm logged in or not. I use Ubuntu and Windows 7 starter. It's not that big of a deal but fixing it would make it a lot easier than opening the tab through the right-click menu.

I saw it both logged in and logged out on the "project of the day", specifically, yesterday's "mermaid costume", and today's "grow onions."

Each of the highlighted projects on the page at https://www.instructables.com/

Anything under the div's with the css class of home-category.

Specifically, eBooks - Cheap Solar

Additionally, the Recent, Popular and Featured buttons also work incorrectly.

Thanks for the time! :-)

Hi, Gregg. The OP wrote (below)

I'm using Chrome 13.0.782.215 m on Windows Vista x64.

and LiRa was able to reproduce it,
Chromium 12.0.742.91 (87961) Ubuntu 11.04 - I'm seeing the exact same behavior.

Presumably they were both logged in for testing.

Argh. First I replied to the wrong topic, then I deleted the wrong reply!

In any event, yes, I see this behavior logged in.

Oh, on a minor nit-pick of terminology. Even if something in I'bles Web pages are disabiling middle-click, that is not the same as hijacking. If you wish to be taken seriously, be more careful about your accusations.

That's one definition of a hijack attack. It can also be scripting on a link that triggers unexpected behavior. These are usually used to trigger pop-over and pop-under windows, but are not exclusively used as such.

They weren't disabling, they were opening over my current content, which was certainly unexpected behavior. Was I curt and combative in my original message? Yes. Was I grossly wrong, even in terminology? No.

My accusation was on point, IMO... But thank you for the feedback, I appreciate the help you've given, and will certainly consider all the rapid responses I've received in the future when making any comments.

I fully agree that modifications which redirect an expected behaviour can sensibly be classified as a hijack. Your posting makes it sound like the middle-click was simply non-functional, not that it was doing something different and unplanned.

I especially hate the pop-under "attack" you point out! In some ways, I find that even more annoying than a pop-up, since it often sits there, unnoticed and either consuming bandwidth or collecting information, for a long time :-(

I never said you were grossly wrong. I said, specifically, that I was raising a "minor nit-pick of terminology." If you are going to use inflammatory terminology (such as "hijacking"), then you should be more careful about accuracy. Unless, of course, you're comfortable being accused of, let's say, trolling, when you are not in fact doing so.

Moved to Bugs. Staff won't notice a bug report if it's not in the right category (way too may forums and topics to go searching...).

What browser and what operating system? I don't see this behaviour (and I just checked) with any of Firefox (3.6.20), Opera, or Safari. Are you sure it isn't your non-conforming browser (cough IE cough) which is misinterpreting some aspect of the HTML/Javascript?

It seems to only be on the featured articles on the front page. I'm using Chrome 13.0.782.215 m on Windows Vista x64.

This browser conforms quite nicely. :-) Thanks for the quick response.

:-D Hmmmm...I just checked the front page to be sure, and still don't see the problem (FF again). Staff should see this on Monday, and hopefully will follow up.