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On july 4th. America will blow up the moon... Answered

Well Im kidding about the date, but they really are (if its already posted sorry but i couldnt see it in 5 pages) anyone else worried?



Moon is not real........

I read a book where a meteor hit the moon and messed up it's orbit... This makes me think of that...

meteors hit the moon all the time

It was a meteor with a lot of mass... Haha I forgot to put that in there :P That book made me have a dream that the world was coming to an end and I was crying because the internet was down XD

Who wouldn't cry about the internet being down? ;)

and then it hits earth, we all die Yay

I would be more worried about the gravity issue...

Well I'm not really sure if it would actually happen, since it was just a book I read, but since the moon controls the tides, who knows what would happen if it's orbit was changed? I can't believe how many commas I used in one sentence...

, <-- Well that comma and three others.

Ahh...Now i noticed it I thought you meant the "..." XD

well...i think that is the first comma you posted...

Its not that bad, Its just as if another meteor hit the moon but instead they are recording data when the hit happens...At least that is what the video explains <_>

cant believe that this isn't popular... guess theres no love for the moon :/

I guess it would really suck if they kill any life there.

Dude that is friggin awesome!!! I cant wait to see it. I dont unstand the pick though????