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On/Off air pressure sensor help! Answered

So I am making an air pressure circuit. It will turn on when a button is hit, it will fill with air until it reaches a certain pressure using a force sensitive resistor. I am just wondering what kind of on/off circuit should I use? And if there is any other suggestions to the pressure sensor?


Well it needs to be small and flat, it has to fit in a small area for this project. And I want it to be a button push on and then stop when it reaches the set amount of pressure

Have you asked around an auto parts store that sells parts for tractor trailers they run air breaks, horns and other equipment. They might have something. Just a suggestion hope it helps.

You could make a pressure switch with a diaphragm, a spring and a micro switch - The switch will give you your on off function.

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You can find sensitive air pressure switches inside most washing machines.

I never knew that !
What is their function ?

In the almost standard European front loader, they're there for that final, last ditch measure, to make sure you don't open the full door of water on your foot....