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On/Off/On Toggle switch to 2 separate power sources to power one device? Answered

i have a device the i want to have an on-off-on switch power the device switching from 12AC adaptr to off to powered by 12DC battery. the switch that I have has a 6 terminals


i did this exact thing just last year for this project here.the power source was an internal battery and a external source.I attached a Google image and that's all you have to do. just swap the input for the output and you should be good


Generally, the way this is done is by using the bypass on a 2.5mm/3.5mm DC power conector to disconnect the "other" power source when the DC power suplly is connected. Otherwise, yes, you an use a DPDT switch for the purpose.


4 years ago

That is all you need.

Are you certain it is a toggle switch and not a slide switch, or a rotary switch, or a push switch, or a rocker switch ?

Is the terminal configuration DPDT = Double Pole Double Throw, or one pole five throw = 1P5T, or 3PST = 3Pole Single Throw ?

select inpuP.bmp

I can't see or test your switch BUT most double pole double throw centre off switches will work with this circuit - IF that is what your asking for

The left and right side are separate switches. When you have it in the centre - off

When to the left PSU

when to the Right Battery