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One Of My Unpublished Instructables - War Pistol Answered

Hey guys,
I ran across this today. It's an old unpublished instructable of mine. The gun is long gone, but here is the intro I made up a  year ago. It's kinda behind times now, but it was good at the time.  So here you go:

First off, let me say thanks to kNeXFreek for the help on the mag.

This gun isn't anything too new, but as knex_lover said, my other oodammo guns are old and kinda behind the times. So I made this.
It has:
A 7 round, tilting oodammo mag.
A new trigger that uses a flexi rod in place of rubber bands.
A very sturdy 8 layer body.
A modded ram lock from the Mezak.
Trigger guard.
And a new mag lock.

So like I said nothing too new, but this is better than my other guns. Some people have had the tbap or tbos shoot two bullets at one time. That has never happend on this gun. This gun is also pretty ugly, but it wasn't made for looks. It was made for function.

So what do you think??  It only takes 5 seconds to reply.


rebuild and post?

Post it, it looks cool. Anything will be accepted these days as nothing decent is being posted.

Umm.. is that a complement? I have better things than this coming. Just cuz nobody can post good stuff doesn't mean we should post junk. And as I said this is long gone, it's been gone over a year.

Sorry, I meant good things like this get shown, but never (or rarely) get posted. I like it short chubbiness!

I want to see that trigger. Must be quite an accomplishment seeing as you used a flexi. Other than that nothing too special. I do like the look of it though.

If i remember right i used a blue flexi for the trigger as well as on the handle. Yeah, its nothing that great but it was good at the time.

I think that flexi is for comfort on the back of the handle.


7 years ago